My Final Post...

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It is with great sadness that I must announce my retirement from publishing.
This is the hardest choice I've ever made.
It's not one I want to make, but I have no choice but to shut down.

The series I've started are all complete, and those books will remain available.

If you've been following me this last year or so, you already know the struggle I've had in maintaining my author publishing business.

2019 is my ten year publishing anniversary, and it's unfortunately the end as well.

Being a self-published, indie author is not free. There is a lot of cost involved to publish a book, and this is a cost I can no longer afford. I simply don't sell enough books to break even and a business can only operate at a loss for so long before the tough choice has to be made to close.

Back around five years ago, when my author business was thriving, I had to make the first of many hard choices in uprooting my life living in Utah for twenty years, and giving up my day job of as many years, to move back to my home state of Maine to assist in the care of an elderly relative. This unexpectedly became an almost instant full time job. It kept me from writing new books for over a year. Enter in some of my own health issues... it was a stressful transition that lasted far longer than expected.

This was timed with many unfortunate changes happening in the publishing industry that I did not have the means to adapt to, fast enough, to keep my business thriving. So even once I was able to get some semblance of a publishing schedule going again, and releasing books regularly, so many changes had taken place that all the tools I'd used previously to my success, were pretty much useless to me.

I simply got back in the game too late, and could not adapt fast enough to salvage the business. I'd hoped with time, and with releasing more books, I'd rebuild. I took advice from supposed professional in the business--some was fantastic and priceless, however, so much more of the advice only made things far, far worse.

Anyway... what it all comes down to is that a business can only suffer losses for so long before it has to be let go.

I have books I've started that I must set aside. I'm devastated that I won't be able to continue working on these, but I must think of my future, as well as those I care for.

It's been quite a ten year ride. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many of my readers over this time. And thanks to you all, I did get to live my dream for a little while. So, thank you, for that.

Until we meet again...
Farewell. and thank you for all your support! 
Ruby Raine
Humphrey Quinn

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  1. Thank you for so much enjoyment and many hours of escape to a magical world. You will be missed but definitely made a lasting memory with me.

  2. Really enjoyed the Wilde & Witchy books, pity there were so many typos in the files.