Newsletter Poll: Need a New X-Files -- Your Recommendations

So in my recent newsletter I asked for recommendations for new shows to replace my need for an x-files fix--I could just re-watch x-files again, and probably will at some point, but I'm dying for something new, similar, and as wickedly awesome.

You guys responded with some incredible recommendations, some I've seen or read, and some I have not, so that is super exciting.

But I decided to share the recommendation list here so you can all see it and find your own new fix :)
Keep'em coming and I'll update the list.

Cull Series by by Eric J. Gates

Supernatural (netflix)
Eureka (amazon prime)
V (amazon prime)
Stargate SG1 / Stargate Atlantis (hulu)
Project Bluebook (history channel)
Haven (netflix)
Stranger Things (netflix)
Dark (on netflix)
Fringe (no known place to watch though, other than buying)
Warehouse 13 (syfy)
Grimm (nbc, amazon prime)
Kolchak, the Night Stalker (MeTV and Youtube)

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